Benefits of Group Fitness

If the traditional fitness center model of showing up, hitting the weight room, cable machines or cardio equipment isn’t for you; and working out with a partner doesn’t quite seem like your cup of tea either, then a group fitness program may just be exactly what you are looking for.

Fitness Kickboxing, Boot Camps and Yoga offer all the conventional benefits of your traditional fitness center environment and martial arts class. Certain group fitness classes still maintain you being able to work out at your own pace, without a partner in an encouraging and motivating environment with quality coaches and trainers dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

At Russellville Fitness Kickboxing we have certified personal trainers, group fitness coaching and quality yoga instruction and in the same location.  If you want to gain functional strength, balance, coordination, balance and dexterity, while working at your own pace in a positive atmosphere, then RFKs classes may be for you.

Please click below to contact us if you are interested in a private introductory lesson with one of our instructors or if you would like to attend a free boot camp or Yoga instruction.

RFK is located at 900 West E. Street off West Parkway near Stoby’s and ATU.  You can call us directly with any questions or to schedule your first lesson or class at (479) 214-1245.

Free Community Yoga in Russellville

Ignite your body! Start of your Saturday with Russellville Yoga’s new weekend class.

Join us for an hour long free community Yoga class every Saturday beginning at 7:30am, taught by certified yoga instructor and Russellville native, Jessica Ouzts.

Yoga is a great way to begin the weekend.  The main door will lock at 7:30 sharp to maintain our serene, uninterrupted environment.


No experience needed. Attendees are welcome to bring their own yoga mat, but no mats are required for this class. This will be a movement-based class that will teach you to breathe, flow and lengthen your body.

Russellville Yoga is located at 900 West E. Street here in Russellville.  Click below to contact us about dropping in for a class at our facility.


Russellville Fitness Kickboxing Kettlebell Fitness Challenge July 1st, Register Here


Russellville Fitness Kickboxing is hosting a free Kettlebell themed fitness challenge.  This is a beginner friendly event.  RFK instructors will coach participants as they finish a 45-minute Kettlebell workout which includes 1,000 swings.

Space is limited to 20 total participants.  This is a free event for all members and non-members.  Registration is required.  Click below to register online for this upcoming fitness challenge!

Russellville Fitness Kickboxing 900 West E. Street, Russellville, AR. 72801. (479) 214-1245

Boot Camps – Fitness Kickboxing – Yoga – Personal Training

Pull-Up Challenge at RFK on July 1st, Cash Prizes, Male and Female Winners


Russellville Fitness Kickboxing is wrapping up their 6 week Kettlebell challenge with a Saturday group fitness challenge on July 1, 2017 at 11:30am.

Male and female participants can choose to compete in one or three different divisions as a part of a pull-up fitness challenge.  Contestants can choose from the following categories: Strict form for failure, maximum number of reps in 60 seconds and maximum number of negatives in 90 seconds.

All entries proceeds will be divided and CASH PRIZES awarded to the winner in each category with additional prizes being awarded for second place in each category.

The RFK Pull-Up Challenge is open for members and non-members and entry is only $5 for this event.  Click below to RSVP and register for this event.  Space for this Fitness Challenge is limited to 25 total participants.


Russellville Fitness Kickboxing
900 West E. Street, Russellville, AR. 72801.
(479) 214-1245

Boot Camps – Fitness Kickboxing – Yoga – Personal Training

Seven Benefits of Yoga

Lately yoga has gained a place in mainstream fitness news. You can do yoga with goats, beer yoga, wine yoga, hot yoga, and even aerial yoga. But what is yoga and why should you practice it?

The word yoga means union. Yoga unites mind, body, and spirit through breathing techniques and stretches. There are many different types of yoga, some types emphasize breath or flexibility more than others. The key is to find the type of yoga that works for you.

RFK Yoga offers free session to members of the Russellville Community

Free Class

Each individual may have personal reasons for practicing yoga, but here are some universal benefits you might gain from yoga:

Improved Cardio Health
Yoga encourages relaxation. This relaxation sets in and causes blood vessels to ease and lowers blood pressure. This causes a decrease in stress on the heart and improves cardiac health.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Another benefit of the relaxation related to yoga is the reduction in stress and anxiety. This lowers cortisol or stress hormone levels. This has many positive effects on the body including a better ability to control anxiety and decrease in depression.

Controls Diabetes
The practice of yoga increases what is called digestive fire.  Digestive fire is a term which refers to the state of the digestive system. For example yoga helps balance the enzymes, acid, and aids in the digestion of the food we eat. This helps the body digest sugar and improve blood sugar levels.

Relieves Back and Neck Pain
Much of yoga involves holding a pose or asana.  Asana is the technical term for yoga positions. Holding a pose causes the muscles to contract and relax. When these muscles relax tightness and muscle spasms disappear and pain is relieved. This pain can be located in other areas of the body, but may be most noticeable in the back or neck.

Sharpens Brain Activity
Yoga also focuses on breathing. This focus on breath actually increases oxygen levels and blood flow to the brain and other parts of the body. This increase can actually help memory performance and is another way to decrease signs of depression.

Promotes Positive Self Perception
Yoga is for every body. It does not require the same abilities as other activities. The focus on breath and body increase the awareness of our body’s abilities. This brings balance to the mind – and body! Practicing yoga requires self-control and awareness by reminding us to pay attention to the needs of our body, mind, and spirit.

Lengthens Lifespan
All of these benefits help to reduce inflammation and signs of aging. The increase in body awareness and perception encourage healthy life choices. This leads to a decrease in the signs of aging and the oxidative stress that causes aging.

Still not convinced?  Russellville Fitness Kickboxing offers several different yoga classes and instructors and would like to invite you in for a free class.

Click below to contact us about scheduling your first free Yoga class at RFK!

Russellville Fitness Kickboxing
900 West E. Street, Russellville, AR. 72801.
(479) 214-1245

Boot Camps – Fitness Kickboxing – Yoga – Personal Training

Morning Boot Camp Kettlebell Challenge Begins May 16th

Tuesday, May 16, 2017, RFK to host 6-week Fitness Challenge

Beginning in May, RFK’s morning Boot Camps will focus on developing functional strength, proper form and fundamental body movements with a Kettlebell.  Workouts will be held every Monday at Wednesday morning at 5:30am.

The Kettlebell Challenge will conclude with a Saturday Group Fitness Workout in July to showcase attributes developed throughout the challenge.  Space is limited to 20 total participants, including current Boot Camp attendees.

New members click below to contact us about reserving your space in this 6 weeks Kettlebell Fitness Challenge.  Stay tuned for more announcements about our upcoming Fitness Challenge and other events at Russellville Kickboxing.

New Classes Now Forming at Russellville Fitness Kickboxing, Space is Limited

Russellville Fitness Kickboxing offers one of the River Valley’s most fun and exciting workouts with their Fitness Kickboxing classes. 
Fitness Kickboxing is a high-energy group workout involving interval training, punching and kicking on a bag and is mixed in with calisthenics for a total body workout. Members typically burn on average 800-1,000 calories per class.

Fitness Kickboxing is currently offered Monday-Thursday during the mornings, afternoons and evenings.  Evening Fitness Kickboxing classes have become so popular that we have to add more classes to our evening line-up! 
New Fitness Kickboxing classes will be offered at RFK starting on Monday, May 8, 2017. These new classes will be held every Monday and Wednesday at 5:45pm. Classes are 45-minutes in length and will begin immediately following Kim’s Fitness Boot Camp!

Reserve Your Spot Today

Schedule Intro

Reserve Your Spot Today

Schedule Intro

Space is limited for this new Fitness Kickboxing session to 15 total kickboxers. Gloves have already been purchased and RFK instructors are ready to schedule you in for a private intro Fitness Kickboxing lesson before group classes begin in May!  Contact us now to schedule your first lesson and to reserve your gloves and bag!

Space is Limited

Schedule Intro

Small Group Morning Runs at Russellville Fitness Kickboxing

Starting Tuesday, April 25 2017, RFK will host small group training every Tuesday and Thursday.  Runners will meet at Força Martial Arts and Russellville Fitness Kickboxing for an early morning stretch and depart down West Parkway towards the Russellville Junior High and Lakefront by 6:15am.

This small group training will be a great opportunity for those already involved in our martial arts and fitness programs, as well as local runners to cross train for local 5/10k races like the upcoming Superhero 5k on May 27 here in Russellville!

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our boot camps, fitness kickboxing classes, and personal training sessions, or to schedule an intro lesson with one of our instructors. Russellville Fitness Kickboxing is located at 900 West E. Street, Russellville, AR. 72801.

Five Benefits of a Low Sugar Diet

Most people know that a low sugar diet can prevent diabetes and help you lose weight, but did you know it can also make you smarter? There are so many reasons to monitor the amount of added sugar you eat each day. A low sugar diet will help brain function, give you more energy, help you breathe easier, keep skin looking young, and help you stay healthy.

Keep it sharp!

An overload of sugar actually impairs cognitive functions in the brain. High amounts of sugar in the body reduce the proteins necessary for memory and responsiveness. Who can’t use a little extra brain boost?

Spark it up!

Surely you have heard the term “sugar high,” but did you know that a low sugar diet actually gives you more energy? High amounts of sugar in your diet decrease the activity of orexin which regulates wakefulness and makes you feel sleepy or sluggish.

Breathe Easier

Studies show that a diet high in sugar can contribute to breathing disorders such as asthma or COPD making it more difficult to breathe or catch your breath.

Fountain of Youth

Eating sugar might make you feel like a kid again, but you won’t look like one! Sugar causes a process called glycation which makes skin look wrinkled and dull. This process damages the collagen and elastin in your skin and even makes your skin more vulnerable to sun damage.

Stay Healthy

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but a sugary diet may make you visit your doctor! There are so many health benefits to a low sugar diet. For example, it prevents disease, but it also keeps you healthier each day. When the body has too much added sugar the immune system starts to break down. This is caused by a decrease in the ability of white blood cells to destroy bacteria.

The benefits of a low sugar diet are easy to see. Now the question is – how much is too much? The American Heart Association recommends that women consume no more than 9 teaspoons (or 25 grams) of added sugar each day. Men should consume no more than 9 teaspoons (or 36 grams) of added sugar on a daily basis. Need help figuring out how to follow a low sugar diet? Contact Forca Martial Arts and Fitness to set up an introductory lesson and get more information about a maintaining your diet.

Russellville Fitness Kickboxing is located at 900 West E. Street in Russellville, AR. Visit us online at for program info, to schedule a free intro lesson or to contact us with any questions about our upcoming events.
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RFK Adds New Yoga Sessions in April, Sign Up for a FREE Class Today



Russellville Fitness Kickboxing is expanding its morning fitness program to include additional yoga sessions.  RFK is partnering with instructors from local yoga studio, 

Space is limited to 16 total persons/section. Learn more about RFK Yoga here.

Russellville Fitness Kickboxing is located at 900 West E. Street off west Parkway near Stoby’s and right next door to Massey Glass.  Contact us to set up a free intro lesson with an instructor or to schedule your first yoga sessions at our facility.


Sign up for a free class today, no obligations! 

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