RFKs Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge Results

Russellville Fitness Kickboxing recently completed their annual Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge in January!  This contest is our biggest quarterly fitness challenge every and 2017 saw 33 contestants produce some seriously inspiring results!

RFK Participants lost a total of 226 inches and 268.4 pounds!!!

First, second and third place winners were awarded to male and female contestants with first place winning $500 in CASH….EACH!  Check out stats below for Josh McMillian, Chris Housenick and Erik Dickerson taking down the guys division AND Tessa Dickerson, April Barnard and Tracy Simpson winning in the womens division.


RFK offers group fitness training sessions at 5:30am, as well as in the afternoon and evening.  Contact us to learn more about our fitness boot camps, fitness kickboxing, yoga or personal training options here in Russellville. 



Free intro private lessons are offered for all new fitness kickboxers with optional fitness assessments and goal setting consultations provided for those interested in attending boot camp sessions.

Free Fitness Workout at Russellville Fitness Kickboxing, January 7th at 12pm

Russellville Fitness Kickboxing is set to host a free one-hour group fitness workout for members of the River Valley Community on Saturday, January 7 at 12:00pm.  This event will also kick off RFKs annual Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge event!

 All participants will be eligible to receive 30 days of unlimited fitness training at our facility for just $30!  Our Boot Camp and Fitness Kickboxing classes are a great way to burn calories, shed fat, have FUN and get in incredible shape all at the same time!

This one-hour boot camp style workout will seek to accommodate all fitness levels.  Due to the number of Weight Loss Challenge contestants participating in this event, space is limited.  Please contact us below to reserve your space at this event.

Russellville Fitness Kickboxing is located just off West Parkway in Russellville, Arkansas near Arkansas Tech University and Downtown Russellville.  Stop by and visit our facility at 900 West E. Street, Russellville, AR. 72801.  

Weight Loss Challenge Registration

Russellville Fitness Kickboxing is hosting their annual Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge event to kick off the New Year!  Last year we gave away $800 in CASH!  This year there will be male and female divisions with $500 CASH prizes for each division winner!

Contestants pay just $30 to enter.  Non-members will receive 30 days of unlimited fitness training at RFKs Boot Camp and Fitness Kickboxing classes.  Weigh-ins will begin Thursday, January 5 at 10:00am and will conclude on Saturday, January 7 at 3:00pm.

Second and third places prizes will be awarded to all contestants, as well as certificates of completion.  Contestants will be provided a full fitness assessment, before and after pictures and receive feedback on their progress in four total areas:

  • Body Weight
  • 8 Body Measurements
  • BMI
  • Body Fat %

The male and female contestants that lose the most total pounds, inches, or lower their overall body mass index, body fat or body weight percentages the most in four weeks will win the CASH!

We will kick off with a free community fitness workout at our facility on Saturday, January 7, 2017 at 12:00pm.  This will be a one-hour boot camp style workout and is open to all members of the River Valley Community.  The contest will last four total weeks.

Space is limited due to the amount of data tracking provided for each contestant.  We have already had over 20 confirmed entries for this month long event!  Contact us below with questions, to reserve your space in RFKs 2017 Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge or schedule your weigh-in!

Russellville Fitness Kickboxing is located just off West Parkway in Russellville, Arkansas near Arkansas Tech University and Downtown Russellville.  Stop by and visit our facility at 900 West E. Street, Russellville, AR. 72801.

Weight Loss Challenge



Starting the first week of January 2017, RFK will be hosting a 5 week weight loss challenge contest!  Get out of your holiday slump and start the new year with some fitness and wellness goals!  This is a great time to get motivated, lose weight and win some CASH!!

Weigh-ins will be held on January 5th-7th.  All weigh-ins include a FREE fitness assessment and goal setting consulatation (over a $30 value!!).  Weigh-ins will gather important date and body measurments to help with charting improvments and provide feedback and goal setting tips for each contestant.  Winners will be determined by calculating most inches, pounds, BMI, and body fat percentage lost over the duration of the contest.

Contestants will be required to weigh-in for the end of the contests four weeks from their original weigh-in date.  The weight loss challenge buy in is $30 per contestant with the winners of the challenge taking the CASH!  There will be prizes awarded to the second and third places winners and all participants will receive a certificate of completion.


We will be kicking off this contest with a special FREE and FUN community fitness workout at RFK on Saturday, January 7th, 1:00pm.  We will also be having our Kids Black Belt Excellence Fitness at 11:00am on Saturday.  Keep checking our website, blog and facbook pages for more updates about this event as we get closer and closer to 2017!

Contest entry will be $30 for each participant.  Your entry will include one month of unlimited access to our group fitness programs which includes Boot Camps and Fitness Kickboxing classes, as well as our Friday Yoga class.  One month of unlimited fitness training with our talented group of instructors along with your fitness assessment, goal setting consultation and the data tracking are all included as a part of the weight loss challenge entry.

Last year our contestants lost a combined total of over 268lbs and a total of 266 inches!  All cash taken in will be divided between the male and female winners.  Last year we gave away $800 in CASH prizes!!

Remember! the winners will be decided after comparing the following categories: Pounds lost, inches lost, body fat % lost and total BMI lost.  The winner of the most categories in each group will win the cash prize! Only YOU decide what that number will be! Register with us today and we will add you to a secret Facebook group to encourage you throughout the competition!

Be sure to go to http://www.RussellvilleFitnessKickboxing.com to check out our full fitness schedule and to contact us about registering for the weight loss challenge or to set up a free private intro session with one of our instructors.

Free Community Nutrition Seminar December 10th at Russellville Fitness Kickboxing

Local Group Fitness and Cross Training Facility to Host Community Nutrition Seminar in December. Russellville Fitness Kickboxing will be having special guests and owners of Focus Fitness in for a dietary and nutrion workshop.

On Saturday, December 10th, Blake and Sarah Moorer of Focus Fitness in Russellville are coming to RFK for a FREE community event for anyone in the community interested in learning more about the fundamentals behind diet, exercise, weight loss and nutrition.

 So many people begin an exercise routine, but become weary and frusterated with not seeing the results they are wanting.  If you have ever felt this way, then this workshop is definitely for you!  This event will give you the dietary and exercise takeaways you need to start seeing those results you have been working for!

Topics that will be discussed by Blake and Sarah included diet, hydration, calorie and macro tracking, food choice tips for your goals and tips and tricks for meal prepping.

Please join us for this FREE educational event so you can be prepared to start achieving your health and wellness goals!  The seminar will begin at 6:00pm on Saturday, December 10 at Russellville Fitness Kickboxing.

We are located at 900 West E. Street in Russellville, AR. Visit us online at http://www.RussellvilleFitnessKickboxing.com for program info, to schedule an intro lesson or to contact is with any questions about our upcoming events at RFK!

Free Fitness Assessment

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80’s Night October 12th and 13th at Russellville Fitness Kickboxing

80s Night at RFK!

Who’s Ready to Do the Time Warp And Travel back to the 1980s?!

Russellville Fitness Kickboxing and Força Martial Arts will be hosting special 80s Night workouts during our Adult Classes on Wednesday October 12th and Thursday the 13th!  We are asking all of our members to bring a friend or family member for a crazy night of fitness and FUN!

Join us as we travel back in time while jamming, punching, kicking and exercising our way through your favorite 80s classics!  Bright colors, side ponytails and legwarmers are a must!  Bring a buddy for this night full of friends and fun!  There will be special prizes for best dressed as well as all of our guests in attendance!

We are opening up our Kickboxing and Fitness Classes to the public and extending invites to anyone that may know a member who trains at our facility to join the in and try something fun and new in Russellville!  Buckle down, buddy up and get to Fitness Boot Camp this Wednesday at 5:00pm and stay for our Kickboxing class at 5:45!  We will also be having 80s night in our Fitness Kickboxing class on Thursday at 5:30pm!

For guests attending classes, we are located at 900 West E. Street, Russellville, AR. 72801.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text us at 479-214-1245.  Learn more about our programs and check out our classes online at www.RussellvilleFitnessKickboxing.com!

Russellville’s Most Exciting and Energetic Workout!

Sprinting Tips

Sprinting Tips

Sprinting is one of the best supplemental running exercises any athlete can add into their cross training routine. It is important to focus on having proper posture during your sprint with an upright torso and relaxed shoulders.  Be sure to run in a circular motion as you drive with your arms.  Synchronize the cadence of your stride with your breathing to reduce muscle tension as you take short, quick strides throughout your sprint.  This article overviews some of our favorite exercises and sprinting tips.  

40-Yard Dash

In many sports, the 40-Yard dash is the ultimate measure of speed and agility.  Below are some tips for improving your 40-yard dash time by focusing on your starting position and take off.  It is important to place your quick leg behind you while in a three-point stance.  Your head should be forward and your back straight.  While crowding line can be solid strategy in many sports, leaning too much of your weight before the take off can make for a difficult start. While you will achieve a certain posture during your first 10-yards, you will maintain a bit of a forward lean majority of the sprint.  Be sure to drive through the finish line before decelerating

Agility Drills

10-yard sprints and other short distance sprinting drills are a great way to improve your 40-yard dash time as well as your overall speed and agility.  Supplementing cone drills will help fine-tune your ability to move, turn, pivot and rotate with focus and speed. Adding in shorter distance focus drills to improve your coordination, stride and quickness is also an excellent idea.

Road Work

If you are wanting to supplement sprinting into your normal running routine you can sprint between street signs during your jog. Sprinting from one stop sign to the next, then returning to your normal pace is an excellent exercise.  Covering three blocks during a set by spiriting, jogging and walking to recover is also a great idea to add into your roadwork.  Other sprinting drills that are great to supplement into your running routine are 100-yard dashes, 50-second runs and hill sprints.

Thank you for reading our fitness blog!  Be sure and check back for continued tips on cross training, diet, exercise and other important fitness and wellness related concepts!  In the meantime, feel free to browse our website, www.RussellvilleFitnessKickboxing.com and to learn more about our fitness programs, schedule of classes and specials.  To schedule a free intro session or fitness assessment with one of our trainers please contact us through our website or call/text us at 479-214-1245.  

10 Tips to Running a Faster Timed Mile: Part Two

In Part One of this article, we discussed the importance of proper diet, hydration, warm-up, breathing patterns and posture.  In Part Two we will be reviewing our previous tips, as well as overviewing suggestions concerning pace, recovery, cross training and accountability to improve your timed one-mile run.  Be sure and continue to check out our Russellville Fitness Kickboxing blog for event announcements, training tips and other cool content posted regularly.


If you have ever ran a mile you understand right away the importance of pace.  If you warm-up properly and follow the previous suggestions from Part One of this article and set the proper pace you will begin to see results in your performance.  Stay mentally engaged and focused on your pace and you won’t experience the need or want to slow down.  Start off with a good pace in mind and if you feel the onset of fatigue, keep your mind engaged, keep pushing through, arms and legs moving, proper posture and focused breathing patterns!  As your reach the last quarter of your mile, give it all you got until you cross your finish line.


After your run, it is important to make sure you have proper recovery. Stretching after running is very important. If your joints are feeling pain, try be sure you examine your warm-up and cool down techniques, as well as your posture, breathing pattern, diet and hydration levels.  If you are still experiencing a slow or rough recovery, alternating hot and cold showers, ice baths, chiropractic care and massage therapy are all great supplemental options to aid in the continued maintenance and recovery process needed to sustain longevity in physical fitness and cross training.  Getting the proper amount of sleep and building in rest and recovery days are very important.  A slogan we tell many of our members at RFK is that “there is no overtraining, only under recover.


The first time you run a mile it seems like 100 miles. A great way to boost your endurance is to simply begin to run long distances. Instead of running 1 mile, try to run 2, and then eventually 3. That way, when you do have to run your timed mile, it will seem relatively short to what you are used to.


If you want to improve your timed mile, the body needs more than just distance training to lower your time.  Train your lungs by running sprints at the track or in your neighborhood.  Sprinting from stop sign to stop sign is a great endurance drill that will improve your timed mile.  100 yard dashes, 40 yard dashes, 10 yard sprints, bleachers, hill sprints and 50 second sprints are all great supplemental exercises you should be working into your cross training routine to help you improve how you feel during your run and lower your overall time.


Finding a running partner is a great way to keep yourself accountable if you are having a hard time motivating yourself to train outside of the gym.  A training partner is great for helping you track and hit your personal goals.  This person should push you to keep running when you want to stop and keep you motivated to achieve your personal best.  Having a little healthy competition when out on the pavement will help both of you improve your times!

Thank you for checking out our Top 10 Tips to Running A Faster Timed Mile. Be sure and check our first five tips in Part One if you have not done so already.  Also like us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/RussellvilleFitnessKickboxing and online at www.RussellvilleFitnessKickboxing.com to stay up to date on our class schedules, events, fitness challenges and other awesome content posted daily and weekly!  If you are interested in scheduling a fitness assessment with one of our trainers please click below or contact us at 479-214-1245.

10 Tips to Running a Faster Timed Mile: Part One

We help individuals reach their wellness goals at Russellville Fitness Kickboxing!  Our staff of trainers track statistics throughout the year for our members in order to help provide them valuable feedback about their progress and continued improvement through goal setting.

One of the statistics we are tracking right now with our morning boot camp members is a timed one-mile run.  Members will run a total of 6 timed one-mile runs as a part of current quarterly fitness challenge.  We currently have 16 participants we are tracking and helping with improving their times.  This article will outline five of our top ten tips for improving your timed one-mile run.  Be sure and check back next week for Part Two!


If you want to perform on the pavement, you must be properly hydrated. It is important that we provide our body the proper hydration levels to be able to perform in a physically demanding activity. Your performance, as well as how you feel after your run, are directly correlated with your hydration levels.  Tips for improving your overall hydration, especially for our members tracking their timed mile at 5:30am, is drink at least eight ounces of water before bed and as soon as you wake up.  This will also help with your metabolism and digestion.  Depending on your body weight and activity level it is a good idea to drink between 80 and 120 ounces of water per day in order to maintain a base hydration level.

  1. DIET

How you eat also directly affects your physical performance. If you do not have enough nutrients, your body will not perform at its true potential.  This is where you must find a balance with hydration in not drinking so much water that you are flushing all of your nutrients.  Making sure your body is receiving enough fats, proteins, carbs, and other essential vitamins and minerals is essential.  Stay away from greasy foods before a run; you will notice that you will feel sluggish by the middle of your mile after eating a heavy, greasy meal!  This is especially important for early morning runners.  Choose your evening meals wisely if you plan on running the next morning.

  1. WARM UP

If you want to shave some time off your mile over the next few weeks, make sure to get in a proper warm up. Jog a warm up lap or jump some rope, do jumping jacks and other dynamic movements to get your body properly ready for your run. Opening up your lungs and loosening muscles will yield much faster movement during your timed mile. Warm ups also prevent injury from occurring.  A light stretch after movement of your joints and major muscle groups is okay, but dynamic movement, followed by your run with a stretch at the end of your work out will yield long-term results.  Be sure you are making time to stretch and warm-up properly before running or any other physical activity.


A very important thing to stay focused on throughout any physically activity, especially during your run, is your breathing pattern.  Short, quick breaths tend to make people more tired.  Focus on taking longer breaths with fast steps as a way to optimize your speed and endurance while running.  Another good tip is to inhale through your nose and not through your mouth.  If you are not currently mentally engaged in your breathing and are feeling extremely out of breath at the end of your run, focus on this and the other techniques outlined in this article and you will definitely see a difference in your performance and the way your body feels.


It’s important when you run to keep good posture.  A proud chest will keep your lungs open and make it easier to breathe. Slouching can slow you down as well as create joint pain over time. Also, when running it is important not to let your arms swing left to right. Instead, you should always keep your elbows moving forward and backwards.

Stay tuned for our next fitness blog post next week where we share an additional five tips for improving your timed mile and improving your cross training regimen!  Be sure to check us out on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/RussellvilleFitnessKickboxing and online at www.RussellvilleFitnessKickboxing.com to stay up to date on our class schedules, events, fitness challenges and other awesome content posted daily and weekly!  If you are interested in scheduling a fitness assessment with one of our trainers please click below or contact us at 479-214-1245.

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