We help individuals reach their wellness goals at Russellville Fitness Kickboxing!  Our staff of trainers track statistics throughout the year for our members in order to help provide them valuable feedback about their progress and continued improvement through goal setting.

One of the statistics we are tracking right now with our morning boot camp members is a timed one-mile run.  Members will run a total of 6 timed one-mile runs as a part of current quarterly fitness challenge.  We currently have 16 participants we are tracking and helping with improving their times.  This article will outline five of our top ten tips for improving your timed one-mile run.  Be sure and check back next week for Part Two!


If you want to perform on the pavement, you must be properly hydrated. It is important that we provide our body the proper hydration levels to be able to perform in a physically demanding activity. Your performance, as well as how you feel after your run, are directly correlated with your hydration levels.  Tips for improving your overall hydration, especially for our members tracking their timed mile at 5:30am, is drink at least eight ounces of water before bed and as soon as you wake up.  This will also help with your metabolism and digestion.  Depending on your body weight and activity level it is a good idea to drink between 80 and 120 ounces of water per day in order to maintain a base hydration level.

  1. DIET

How you eat also directly affects your physical performance. If you do not have enough nutrients, your body will not perform at its true potential.  This is where you must find a balance with hydration in not drinking so much water that you are flushing all of your nutrients.  Making sure your body is receiving enough fats, proteins, carbs, and other essential vitamins and minerals is essential.  Stay away from greasy foods before a run; you will notice that you will feel sluggish by the middle of your mile after eating a heavy, greasy meal!  This is especially important for early morning runners.  Choose your evening meals wisely if you plan on running the next morning.

  1. WARM UP

If you want to shave some time off your mile over the next few weeks, make sure to get in a proper warm up. Jog a warm up lap or jump some rope, do jumping jacks and other dynamic movements to get your body properly ready for your run. Opening up your lungs and loosening muscles will yield much faster movement during your timed mile. Warm ups also prevent injury from occurring.  A light stretch after movement of your joints and major muscle groups is okay, but dynamic movement, followed by your run with a stretch at the end of your work out will yield long-term results.  Be sure you are making time to stretch and warm-up properly before running or any other physical activity.


A very important thing to stay focused on throughout any physically activity, especially during your run, is your breathing pattern.  Short, quick breaths tend to make people more tired.  Focus on taking longer breaths with fast steps as a way to optimize your speed and endurance while running.  Another good tip is to inhale through your nose and not through your mouth.  If you are not currently mentally engaged in your breathing and are feeling extremely out of breath at the end of your run, focus on this and the other techniques outlined in this article and you will definitely see a difference in your performance and the way your body feels.


It’s important when you run to keep good posture.  A proud chest will keep your lungs open and make it easier to breathe. Slouching can slow you down as well as create joint pain over time. Also, when running it is important not to let your arms swing left to right. Instead, you should always keep your elbows moving forward and backwards.

Stay tuned for our next fitness blog post next week where we share an additional five tips for improving your timed mile and improving your cross training regimen!  Be sure to check us out on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/RussellvilleFitnessKickboxing and online at www.RussellvilleFitnessKickboxing.com to stay up to date on our class schedules, events, fitness challenges and other awesome content posted daily and weekly!  If you are interested in scheduling a fitness assessment with one of our trainers please click below or contact us at 479-214-1245.

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