Sprinting Tips

Sprinting is one of the best supplemental running exercises any athlete can add into their cross training routine. It is important to focus on having proper posture during your sprint with an upright torso and relaxed shoulders.  Be sure to run in a circular motion as you drive with your arms.  Synchronize the cadence of your stride with your breathing to reduce muscle tension as you take short, quick strides throughout your sprint.  This article overviews some of our favorite exercises and sprinting tips.  

40-Yard Dash

In many sports, the 40-Yard dash is the ultimate measure of speed and agility.  Below are some tips for improving your 40-yard dash time by focusing on your starting position and take off.  It is important to place your quick leg behind you while in a three-point stance.  Your head should be forward and your back straight.  While crowding line can be solid strategy in many sports, leaning too much of your weight before the take off can make for a difficult start. While you will achieve a certain posture during your first 10-yards, you will maintain a bit of a forward lean majority of the sprint.  Be sure to drive through the finish line before decelerating

Agility Drills

10-yard sprints and other short distance sprinting drills are a great way to improve your 40-yard dash time as well as your overall speed and agility.  Supplementing cone drills will help fine-tune your ability to move, turn, pivot and rotate with focus and speed. Adding in shorter distance focus drills to improve your coordination, stride and quickness is also an excellent idea.

Road Work

If you are wanting to supplement sprinting into your normal running routine you can sprint between street signs during your jog. Sprinting from one stop sign to the next, then returning to your normal pace is an excellent exercise.  Covering three blocks during a set by spiriting, jogging and walking to recover is also a great idea to add into your roadwork.  Other sprinting drills that are great to supplement into your running routine are 100-yard dashes, 50-second runs and hill sprints.

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